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Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Newsletter


When we look back at the last year and a half we realise that we have accomplished a dream and although we have had many ups and downs along the way, we know in our hearts that we wouldn’t change a thing.  We went down to do our training at Hawksmoor with Sue Hawkins.  She has been one of the most influential people for us because what we learned on our training was so invaluable.  It became abundantly clear to us that not only were we going to have the responsibility of our customers pets, we had to know how to deal with the requirements of hydrotherapy and to ensure that the programmes in place were correctly done.  We had to know what to look for in the event of an emergency, ensure that the water treatment was dealt with efficiently and effectively and to make sure that all our customers could leave their pets with us in the knowledge that we would always have the pets best interests at the heart of what we do.  Because of you all coming back is acknowledgement for us that we have done just that and for that we thank you.  Without you all supporting us we wouldn’t be here!  Our boys and girls that come in to see us are so very special and we have made good friends from this business.  We’re blessed all round!!

We would like to show you pictures of when our pool arrived and what it took to get it into the shop.  We even had our Landlord giving a helping hand!!

Hyrdotherapy Pool being loaded off the trailerHyrdotherapy Pool is now being prepared for the liftHyrdotherapy Pool being lifted

We needed to get the pool into the shopThe hyrotherapy pool is almost in the shopHyrdotherapy Pool being filled with water - does anyone have a dog to try it out

The pool finally arrived and we all got stuck in trying to lift that was fun!!

We had to take out the front window, get all these chaps to help us put the pool into the shop and then have new windows installed and all done in one day!  When we could finally fill it up we were ecstatic because we knew that we could open our doors and start doing the job that we had been waiting to do for so long.

You and your most wonderful pets have made up for any downs we’ve experienced and for that we thank you!  Each day brings many laughs and when your pets come through the door and they are wagging their tails and are happy to see us just makes our day.  For us this is not a job, it’s a holiday!  We absolutely love it!  We get wet, we get really cold sometimes, we are sometimes really tired, but our dedication to what we do will never abate.  Our customers are so very different but the same and we always look forward to a busy day.  Each pet, in their own special way, brings us much joy, and when we try different things with them and we see them trying really hard to accomplish the tasks, we know that they love coming in for their sessions just as much as we love having them.  As a thank you we have a monthly draw and for November 2010 the winner was Sam, our very special Boxer.  He’s a wonderful young man, so congratulations to Steve and Sam who won a nice big box of chocolates and a free session.  Our December draw will take place on the 30th December 2010.  If you are away we will hold it for you until we see you again in January 2011.

We have now added a new dimension to what we offer.  We have bought some awesome shampoo and conditioner and now do a Wash ‘n Go!  The cost of this is £5.00.  For our customers, we will also try to accommodate you when it comes to your vacation time.  If you’re going away for a weekend, and need to leave your pet at a kennel close to us, we can collect them, give them their session, and take them back to the kennels.  This would be at a cost of £10.00 to collect and return them.  We can also accommodate them overnight so if you have a special event that you really want to attend and no one available to look after your pet, give us a ring and we will look after them for you.  The cost of this would be £35.00 and would include a session in the pool, a nice long walk, dinner and another session in the pool the following morning.

Please note that we will be closed from the 24th December 2010 to the 27th December 2010 and from the 31st December 2010 to the 3rd January 2011.  Any bookings that have fallen on these days will be carried over.

In conclusion, we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   For those of you going on holiday, please be safe and have a fantastic time.

With lots of love and best wishes to you all!

Judith & Eamor
& all the gang,
Millie, Sabre, Lucy, Max and little Sammy




Hydrotherapy has made an amazing difference to Bertie our 11 year old Lab, Eamor and Judith have been very patient with him and each week has seen an improvement.

28th February 2011

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