Hydrotherapy provides controlled aquatic exercise which reduces dead weight and enables your dog to get a zero impact but very effective workout.

We believe that it is essential to establish a full understanding of the specific requirements of your pet.  Before any treatment commences we consult with both you and your veterinary surgeon to establish your pets;

Treatment WILL NOT commence without a referral from a Veterinary Surgeon.

*Single Sessions

Hydrotherapy Session: £25.00

Initial sessions will take approximately 1 hour. Thereafter, all sessions will be approximately 45 minutes each.

*Block booking

4 x Hydrotherapy Sessions + get the 5th FREE: £100.00
10 x Hyrotherapy Sessions: £200.00

Must have at least one session per week

Credit card facilities are available

Programme Description Price

Initial Assessment

All clients will have an initial assessment and this will usually last one hour.  The swimming session will depend on the fitness assessment results. £25 per session*

Treatment Review

We will constantly review and adapt the treatment programme for your pet.  This will be in accordance with the condition, progress and advice from your veterinary surgeon. TBA

Pre-Operative Treatment

For pets about to under-go surgery, a programme will be established.  This treatment will be designed to gently build-up and tone muscles ahead of the operation and aid recovery afterwards. TBA

Post-Operative Treatment

Treatment for post-op pets will only commence on the advice of your Veterinary Surgeon. The treatment will be dependent on the length of time between surgery and the start of hydrotherapy. TBA

Senior Programme

This programme is designed to maintain the mobility and fitness of older pets feeling the effects of old age.  This will be specific to the needs of your pet. £25 per session*

Obesity Programme

This will be designed in conjunction with your veterinary surgeon’s recommended dietary programme to assist weight loss and improve fitness levels. TBA

Recreational Swimming

This is designed for pets with no injury but who enjoy swimming.  This is used to gently tone muscles and for your pet to have some recreational swimming and fun. £25 per session*

Wash ‘n Go

Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry £8.00 per dog

Health and Safety

We are very strict when it comes to health and safety and the following procedures are in place to ensure that any visitors to the centre are assured of complete adherence to these procedures.

Water Hygiene

The water is tested three times a day to ensure complete hygiene.  These tests are recorded.

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