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We discussed this venture for over a year, ensuring that the business plan was correctly done and this was achieved with the help of Steven Peart from NBSL, Morpeth.

We opened the centre on the 24th July 2010 and are located at 35 Grange Road, Morpeth, NE61 2TW Northumberland. Our aim is to provide a fully comprehensive rehabilitation and hydrotherapy service to all pet owners. Judith and Eamor have achieved the ABC Nationally Accredited Award in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals for the following;

Hydrotherapy is used to treat many conditions and your pet will only have hydrotherapy sessions when it is referred by your vet. We are not trained in any way to give veterinary advice and will always refer you back to your vet should you have any concerns about the health of your pet. We will have access to an on-call veterinary surgeon in case of any emergencies. We always welcome feedback from our customers, as we will always strive to be the best we can in our area of expertise. We love all our customers’ pets equally and they will always be treated with the greatest care and respect.

judith_pic.jpgeamor_pic.jpgJudith owns four German Shepherds, Millie, Lucy, Sabre and Max. She also has a horse which is 34 years old!! In her spare time, Judith likes to take her dogs on very long walks and if not walking the dogs, can be found at the stable sorting out her horse.

Eamor has two cats, Rocky and Lucy and has just found herself as the owner of a 6 month old Jack Russell, who we’ve named Sam. She has certainly livened up the home! We are committed to ensuring that your pet receives the best quality treatment available.

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