Dog Arthritis & Joint Health

Dogs with arthritic conditions and poor joint health can be helped by hydrotherapy treatments. Regular stress free exercise from our qualified physiology experts using the latest hyrdotherapy techniques can make your dogs life more comfortable and with repeated treatment can keep these types of conditions under control. Click here to see more on our hyrotherapy programmes or contact us to discuss a suitable plan.

General Fitness & Skill

Hydrotherapy treatments are not only used for treating illness and conditions but we also offer this service for the dog's enjoyment. Many of our customer's dogs use this service for general fitness and skill which also builds a dogs confidence (and yours) in their ability to handle their world around them. Click here to see our recreational hydrotherapy programmes or contact us to discuss a suitable plan.

Preperation & Post Surgery

Just as humans are more likely to recover faster from surgery from being strong and healthy a dog is much the same. We offer preperation and post surgery hydrotherapy progammes which strengthen the dogs mucles and joints, increase stamina and provide a dog with an entertaining and rewarding exercise programme. Click here to see our hydrotherapy programmes or contact us to discuss a suitable plan.

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Northumberland Hyrdotherapy Referral Centre

When it comes to a hydrotherapy session, we work with the owner and vet to establish the best possible solution to the problem that might be experienced by your pet. A rehabilitation programme is put in place to ensure that the recovery from the problem is achieved through hydrotherapy.

We have pets that are booked in to maintain their fitness level or just for recreation purposes. This gives them the opportunity to having something different to look forward to. Hydrotherapy provides an effective form of exercise for your pet and is used to treat a variety of conditions, which include;


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